Educational Seminar  Project

RSSM has implemented  education  seminars titled «Modern Approaches for Diagnosis  and Treatment of Sleep Disorders and Sleep Related Breathing Disorders  in Practical Healthcare»  in years 2013-14 in 10 Russian regions. The purpose of the seminar was to raise clinical sleep medicine education levels among  wide range of physicians. The seminars have included lectures by leading somnologists  and allied professions and local sleep medicine centers representatives. More than 1.500 Russian physicians have took part in these seminars.

The new series of seminars sceduled for years 2016-17 are titled «The Sleep Medicine: new and burning», it will be a continuation of the first program.


Awards for best regional sleep medicine center design

Entrants should submit a proposal for the creation of a new sleep medicine  center. There are no limits in size, specialization and ownership of  the center. The contest is held 2 times a year. Winners are awarded  a scholarship (including tuition and room and board) for  training in sleep medicine at the leading Russian sleep center in the Barvikha Sanatorium.

Awards for young scientists for the best research in sleep medicine

The purpose of the contest is to support young talented specialists  in sleep medicine engaging  in scientific  research and publishing interesting results. The age of participants is limited to 35 years and under. Entries may include articles published  in a medical journal or results  reported at  medical conferences/congress and published as an abstract. The  entry should address clinical aspects of sleep medicine.

Grant program for  physicians involved in clinical research in diagnosis  and treatment of sleep apnea

The RSSM allocates unrelated grants to support physicians involved in clinical research in diagnosis  and treatment of sleep apnea. It pays for presentations at various types of medical conferences on the subject, as well as publication of report abstracts and, publication of articles in peer-reviewed medical journals.