About ASM

The Russian Society of Sleep Medicine (RSSM) has been  created to represent the interests of professionals working in the field of clinical sleep medicine in various regions of Russia. The main purpose of the RSSM is organizing  highly quality sleep medicine care for the whole population of the Russian Federation.

The RSSM was established on November 1st , 2012, at the first  as the Association of Sleep Medicine, and in December 2012 it has received the state registration certificate. Since April of 2016 the RSSM is registred by the Russian Ministry of Justice as a all-Russian public organization.

President of the RSSM Roman V. Buzunov, Professor,

Head of the Sleep Medicine Center of the Barvikha Sanatorium

Personal site:  www.buzunov.ru

E- mail: roman@buzunov.ru

Tel.: +7 495 6356907, fax: +7 495 6356908


Vice-President of the RSSM  Alexander Yu. Litvin, M.D., Ph.D.,

Head of the Sleep Medicine Laboratory,  Department of Hypertension of the Russian Cardiology Research-and-Production Complex

E mail: alelitvin@yandex.ru

Tel.: +7 495 4146834


The RSSM consists of regional chapters in various regions  of the Russian Federation. Six regional chapters were founders of the RSSM: the Moscow Chapter,  the St. Petersburg Chapter, the Altai Chapter, the Sverdlovsk Chapter, the Novosibirsk Chapter, and the Chelyabinsk Chapter. In February 2016 it has already 45 regional chapters, more than the half of Russian state regions.


RSSM Documents:

Certificate of state registration

Certificate of membership in the Russian National Medical Chamber


Identifying Information and Contacts:

State registration number: 1127799026849

Tax reference number: 7714401875

Address: 123290, Moscow, 5A 1st  Magistralny Tupik

Tel/Fax: +7 916 829 0303

E-mail:  info@rossleep.ru


Bank Account Details:

Bank: Bank of Moscow, Moscow

Account: 40703810101770000001

Correspondent account: 30101810500000000219

Tax reference number: 7702000406

KPP code: 775001001

BIC code: 044525219