Accreditation of sleep medicine centers

The RSSM as a national professional non-profit sleep society  has the right to provide voluntary accreditation of sleep medicine centers  in accordance with Russian legislation and international procedures. RSSM guidelines for accreditation  correspond  to the standards of the European Sleep Research Society and are published (in Russian) on our site.

The Head of the Accreditation Committee of RSSM — Dr. med. Prof. Roman V. Buzunov.

Six Russian sleep medicine centers are now accredited by RSSM:

  • Barvikha Clinical Sanatorium, Department of Sleep Medicine (Moscow)
  • Department of Hypertension of the Russian Cardiology Research-and-Production Complex, Sleep Laboratory (Moscow)
  • FMBA, Federal Scientific Center of Othorhinolaringology, Sleep Department (Moscow)
  • City Hospital #5, Regional Sleep Medicine Office (Barnaul)
  • Railway Clinical Hospital at Novosibirsk  Station, Sleep Office (Novosibirsk) 
  • Spaseniye  Medical Center (Kazan)